Supply Assurance

Supply Chain Security: Challenges and Solutions

We have strived to study and solve the challenges associated with achieving a well-developed, quality supply chain. If you are interested in learning more about the critical variables that will impact supply reliability and various alternatives to safeguard supply and enhance responsiveness, view our presentation.

Are You Confident that the Product You Need Will Be There When You Need It?

Reliability has always been an important term in the power industry. As the operation and utilization of coal fired power has come under greater pressure, the demand for reliability has evolved to include Responsiveness. Today more than ever, coal fired power plants are under pressure, caught between higher cost of operation and lower electricity prices.

This has led many power plants to operate more seasonally, producing and selling power when prices justify it. Coal fired plants that have historically been base load units are now operating in response to sometimes sudden and unanticipated peaks in demand and pricing creating new operational challenges.

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