EPA Regulations Guide

We've prepared this handy list of links to the latest rules and regulations pages. If you see anything missing, let us know at webevent@ada-cs.com.

Mercury Air Toxics Standard (MATS)


Compliance deadlines April 16, 2015 or with one-year extension, April 16, 2016. If you are still finalizing your plans, we can help – contact us.

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Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR)


DC Circuit Court lifted the stay on the rule. It went into effect Jan 1, 2015 and has since been upheld with some revisions to state allocation budgets. Phase II begins in 2017.

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Effluent Limit Guidelines (ELG)


The Effluent Limit Guidelines were finalized on Sept 30, 2015. Compliance dates for this rule start going into effect from 2018 to 2023.

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Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR)


The EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy, signed the Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals from Electric Utilities final rule on December 19, 2014. It was published in the Federal Register (FR) on April 17, 2015 and the effective date is Oct 19, 2015.

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Cooling Water Intake Rule (316b)


Under section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act the EPA issued regulations on the design and operation of intake structures for facilities with draws of at least 2 MGD of cooling water. The final rule was published in the Federal Register August, 2015.

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Greenhouse Gas Standards for New & Reconstructed Powerplants


The final rule was published in the Federal Register publication October 23,2015. This is a New Source Performance Standard for CO2 under CAA section 111(b).

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The Clean Power Plan (GHG For Existing Units)


The final rule was published in the Federal Register publication October 23, 2015. Initial State Plans are due Sep 2016, or a request for an extension. The rule was stayed by SCOTUS on February 9, 2016.

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The EPA finalized a drop in the ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard from 75 ppb to 70 ppb on Oct 1, 2015.

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