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Mercury Control in Baghouse Applications

ADA Carbon Solutions collaborated with Southern Company and EPRI to design PAC products optimized to perform well in a TOXECON baghouse application where high sulfur fuel is burned.  The challenge, in this case, is to optimize mercury capture in the presence of high SO3 which is known to impair PAC performance while minimizing the pressure drop in a situation where PAC represents up to 90+% of the fly ash.
Through the collaboration, PAC properties were modified to achieve the objectives.  In this first phase of work, compliance was achieved with next-generation ADA Carbon Solution PACs with modified particle morphology and surface chemistry that reduced pressure drop by 30% from traditional PAC products.  The next phase of work will introduce PAC SO3 tolerant mechanisms to further enhance baghouse performance.

Whether you plan to deploy a TOXECON unit or a standard baghouse configuration, the lessons learned from this study are likely to be of value.  Contact ADA Carbon Solutions to determine how we can help you optimize the cost of compliance and improve operational efficiency using PAC in conjunction with baghouses.

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