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SO3 Tolerance

Specifically designed to perform in high SO3 environments, next generation powdered activated carbons like FastPAC Premium-80™ are capable of high performance in the presence of SO3. SO3 in flue gas has been a challenge for generation 1 and 2 PACs. ADA Carbon Solutions has met the challenge with our new specially designed FastPAC-80™ and FastPAC Premium-80™ products. FastPAC Premium-80™ contains new features that allow these products to achieve high performance in the presence of SO3.

  • Same Rapid Capture
  • Same Reduced Carbon Consumption & Cost of Compliance
  • Same Reliable Quality & Consistent Performance
  • Same Ash Characteristics
  • IMPROVED SO3 Performance

SO3 Tolerant PAC: FastPac Premium-80

  • 2-3X More Effective Than Previous Advanced PACs in a High s03 Environment
  • Excellent performance in tests with Over 15 PPM SO3

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Mercury Control at High Temperatures

At the EUEC 2014 conference, we presented demonstration results from various high-temperature applications that with prior generation products have been challenging. But our new products are able to meet the challenge and have been shown to be effective on several coal types and in temperatures ranging from 350 to 600°F. From industrial boilers to coal-fired power plants, these successful tests are an example of our rapid product innovation.

Learn How Advanced Activated Carbons Capture Mercury at High Temperatures: