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SO3 Tolerance

Specifically designed to perform in high SO3 environments, next generation powdered activated carbons like FastPAC Premium-80™ are capable of high performance in the presence of SO3. SO3 in flue gas has been a challenge for generation 1 and 2 PACs. ADA Carbon Solutions has met the challenge with our new specially designed FastPAC-80™ and FastPAC Premium-80™ products. FastPAC Premium-80™ contains new features that allow these products to achieve high performance in the presence of SO3.

  • Same Rapid Capture
  • Same Reduced Carbon Consumption & Cost of Compliance
  • Same Reliable Quality & Consistent Performance
  • Same Ash Characteristics
  • IMPROVED SO3 Performance

SO3 Tolerant PAC: FastPac Premium-80

  • 2-3X More Effective Than Previous Advanced PACs in a High s03 Environment
  • Excellent performance in tests with Over 15 PPM SO3

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Balance of Plant Impact

Studies show (EPRI, URS 2013 and 2014) that corrosion issues have developed in the back end control equipment, especially air preheaters, at some sites that use bromide coal treatment or highly-brominated PAC, typically with high-volatile forms of bromine. ADA Carbon Solutions can work with you to avoid these issues with our standard low-volatility bromine salt and tuned process that minimizes bromine levels for high degrees of oxidation and mercury removal.

Our products are carefully managed through our rigorous quality assurance system.  Our careful control over bromine levels and application salt selection minimizes this potential balance of plant impact.

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PAC Handling and Safety

PAC has been safely handled at industrial sites for decades in water treatment and in the past 20 years for flue gas injections. For many utilities however, it is a new material. It is distinct from coal because our manufacturing process drives off volatiles and moisture, making it less susceptible to fire and explosion risk thank pulverized coal.

With knowledge of the proper handling it can continue to be a safe part of the industrial work environment. It is vital to build proper training and maintenance programs into your compliance strategy. After installing and optimizing more than 100 full scale systems, we have learned a thing or two about a proper approach to PAC handling and safety. Our approach to safety relies of three key pillars:

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Ash Utilization

The new Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) rule, published by EPA in pre-publication form in December 2014, imposes new monitoring and recordkeeping requirements on ash disposal sites and is likely to drive a significant increase in beneficial use. The good news is there are ways to utilize ash containing ADA Carbon Solutions’ activated carbons in many cases. Ash markets have many drivers and in this presentation we walk you through some of them. Updated materials reflecting the CCR rule are available by requesting a meeting with us.

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Startup Lessons

New equipment, sorbents and procedures present a challenge to any industrial facility. In the case of utilizing activated carbons for mercury control, others have been down the path and learned proper material handling, personnel protection, design insight, and operational tips that could help your facility smooth its startup and compliance operations. ADA Carbon Solutions can help you through and answer your operational questions to give you peace of mind as you navigate mercury compliance.

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Quality Assurance

How Can I Be Sure That My PAC Performs Consistently? Quality assurance requires precise control of the entire supply chain.

We have created an in-depth resource to help you and your team understand the importance of Quality Assurance over you entire supply chain. If you are interested in learning more about the critical quality parameters of a PAC product for mercury removal and ways to ensure consistent performance at your plant, please view our QA presentation or contact us to schedule a time to review it together. Assuring quality in your supply chain means that you must impose control and consistency on the four critical steps in delivering a reliable PAC solution.

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Supply Chain Assurance

Supply Chain Security: Challenges and Solutions

We have strived to study and solve the challenges associated with achieving a well-developed, quality supply chain. If you are interested in learning more about the critical variables that will impact supply reliability and various alternatives to safeguard supply and enhance responsiveness, view our presentation.

Are You Confident that the Product You Need Will Be There When You Need It?

Reliability has always been an important term in the power industry. As the operation and utilization of coal fired power has come under greater pressure, the demand for reliability has evolved to include Responsiveness. Today more than ever, coal fired power plants are under pressure, caught between higher cost of operation and lower electricity prices.

This has led many power plants to operate more seasonally, producing and selling power when prices justify it. Coal fired plants that have historically been base load units are now operating in response to sometimes sudden and unanticipated peaks in demand and pricing creating new operational challenges.

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Mercury Control at High Temperatures

At the EUEC 2014 conference, we presented demonstration results from various high-temperature applications that with prior generation products have been challenging. But our new products are able to meet the challenge and have been shown to be effective on several coal types and in temperatures ranging from 350 to 600°F. From industrial boilers to coal-fired power plants, these successful tests are an example of our rapid product innovation.

Learn How Advanced Activated Carbons Capture Mercury at High Temperatures: