Ash Utilization

The Key to Fly Ash Marketability is Fly Ash Consistency

A New Report on Advanced PAC Technology Aimed at Providing Consistent Performance and Fly Ash Quality.

We have had ongoing collaboration efforts with many current utilities selling their ash along with fly ash marketing companies. Through those interactions it became clear that the highest priority in achieving reliable sale of fly ash is fly ash consistency. We have designed PAC products that are optimized for properties important to achieve salable ash but as or maybe even more importantly, help the utility achieve those desirable ash properties consistently over time.

The new Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) rules impose new monitoring and record keeping requirements on ash disposal sites. It is likely to drive a significant increase in beneficial use. The good news is there are ways to utilize ash containing ADA Carbon Solutions’ activated carbons in many cases. Ash markets have many drivers and in this presentation we walk you through some of them. Updated materials reflecting the CCR rule are available by requesting a meeting with us.

Learn The Best Ways To Maintain Quality, Consistent Fly Ash: